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Poppy Cake
Poppy Cake

Poppy cake

Poppy cake
Poppy cake

Calories, kcal: 543 Proteins, g: 11.4 Fats, g: 37.4 Carbohydrates, g: 40.2

Net weight: 900 g. Sponge cake covered with strawberry gel decor, decorated with almond petals and white glaze.

Calorie content of Poppy cake

The calorie content of Poppy's cake is 543 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Poppy cake composition

Ingredients: chicken egg, granulated sugar, poppy seeds, butter, almond powder, strawberry gel, almond paste, almond petals, chocolate glaze (granulated sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa powder, emulsifier, flavoring), cream on vegetable fats, white glaze (granulated sugar, vegetable oil, emulsifier, flavoring), neutral gel, condensed milk, vanillin, preservative (sorbic acid), food coloring (carmoisine).

Useful properties and harm of the Poppy cake

Poppy cake contains vitamins: A, B1, B2, B9, E, PP, as well as useful chemical elements: potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, chlorine, phosphorus and sodium.

But, despite the benefits, the cake also contains many substances harmful to the body, such as emulsifiers, dyes, flavors, preservatives (calorizer). Excessive consumption of Poppy's cake contributes to the appearance of tooth decay, diabetes and obesity.

It is advisable to use this product only on holidays, rarely and with pleasure, and also preferably in the first half of the day to keep your figure.


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