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Fresh Eel
Fresh Eel

Fresh eel

Fresh eel
Fresh eel

Calories, kcal: 332 Protein, g: 14.5 Fat, g: 30.5

Eel is an unusual fish. It can be marine and freshwater. The eel differs from salmon and sturgeon breeding in rivers in that it spawns in the sea, where it then dies (calorizer). Its larvae are carried to the European shores for three years. Eel is sold fresh, canned and smoked.

Calorie content of fresh eel

The calorie content of fresh eel is 332 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of fresh eel

Fresh eel meat contains mineral elements, a large complex of organic elements - E, D, B2, B1, A, proteins that have a beneficial effect on human health, high quality fats. Eel meat contains fish oil, which prevents the likelihood of heart and vascular disease.

In addition to its incomparable taste, eel meat contains a source of omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, sodium, which are so essential for human health. Scientists' studies have proven that with regular use of eel, some diseases and ailments are cured and prevented. Dishes with eel help with stress, increase physical and mental ability to work, support immunity.

The use of fresh eel in cooking

Everyone knows the taste quality of fresh eel; it is fried, boiled, marinated and dried.

In eastern cooking, eel becomes popular closer to summer, in the heat it relieves fatigue, helps to better endure the scorching eastern sun (calorizator). The Japanese cook eel with soy sauce, previously soaked in rice wine, fried in sugar. Soups are made from the liver of eel, dishes with eel are in the category of expensive ones, more often they are served to guests. The exceptional taste of eel will be revealed in the prepared soup.

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