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Flax Seed Urbech
Flax Seed Urbech

Flax seed urbech

Flax seed urbech
Flax seed urbech

Calories, kcal: 610 Protein, g: 25.5 Fat, g: 50.0 Carbohydrates, g: 22.6

A paste made from dried nuts or seeds, prepared using stone millstones, is called urbech and has been produced in the Caucasus for several hundred years. Flax seed urbech is a dense, viscous and thick mass of uniform consistency, dark brown color, with the aroma and taste of flax seeds. Urbech is produced in glass jars with screw caps; the product is stored in a cool dry place at room temperature for no longer than a year. An open jar of flax seed urbech should be kept in the refrigerator. When separating the oil, the urbech should be thoroughly mixed.

Calorie content of urbech from flax seeds

The calorie content of flaxseed urbech is 610 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of flax seed urbech

The product contains: ground flax seeds. The product contains: vitamins A, B1, E, F, as well as minerals necessary for the body, including: magnesium, copper and manganese, phosphorus. The use of urbech from flax seeds helps to accelerate metabolism due to indigestible dietary fiber, which the product contains in excess (calorizator). Flax seed paste helps to improve the condition of the skin and cell metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the activity of the nervous system.

The harm of urbech from flax seeds

Excessive consumption of flaxseed paste causes increased intestinal motility and strong gas formation.

Flaxseed urbech in cooking

Flax seed urbech is used as a spread on bread, toast or crackers, as an addition to cereals, cottage cheese and curd dishes, desserts. The pasta can be used as a useful filling for baked pastries, pancakes or croissants, urbech goes well with honey and fresh fruit.


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