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Beans (sprouts)
Beans (sprouts)

Beans (sprouts)

Beans (sprouts)
Beans (sprouts)

Calories, kcal: 14 Proteins, g: 1.5 Fats, g: 0.1 Carbohydrates, g: 1.8

Many do not even know that bean sprouts can be healthy and tasty. Because of its unique and beneficial properties, this product is called the “elixir of life” in Asia.

The fashion for sprouted bean sprouts came to Europe in the 70s. And the first sprouts were used in China and Ancient Greece more than 5 thousand years ago. Currently, China, India and the United States are considered the leaders in the consumption of sprouted bean sprouts.

Calorie beans (sprouts)

The calorie content of beans (sprouts) is 14 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition and useful properties of beans (sprouts)

Sprouted beans themselves are a grain with a root no more than 3 mm.

The uniqueness of bean sprouts is that the most useful natural substances are in the most suitable form for the human body to assimilate (calorizer). Bean sprouts contain a huge amount of vitamins, among them: vitamin C, vitamins B, E. Minerals: iron, potassium and amino acids.

The use of bean sprouts is especially recommended for diabetic patients, as a prevention of atherosclerosis, as well as during spring beriberi, for recuperation after physical exertion.

Beans (sprouts) in cooking

In cooking, bean sprouts can be used as an addition to salads, soups, as a side dish for meat and vegetable stews. A classic Chinese recipe is a dish made from sprouts fried with garlic, ginger and green onions, with the addition of salted or smoked fish.

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