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Beans Agro-Alliance Black Eye (Black Eye)
Beans Agro-Alliance Black Eye (Black Eye)

Beans Agro-Alliance Black Eye (Black eye)

Beans Agro-Alliance Black Eye (Black eye)
Beans Agro-Alliance Black Eye (Black eye)

Calories, kcal: 340 Protein, g: 23.0 Fat, g: 1.0 Carbohydrates, g: 60.0

To prepare a healthy, tasty and unusual in appearance dish, you can use Black Eye beans, the beans of which are white in color and in the middle there is a round black spot resembling an eye, which is where the name comes from. Black Eye beans, offered by Agro-Alliance holding, are characterized by a thin but durable shell that does not burst during cooking, leaving the beans their elegant look. The Black Eye beans are distinguished by their delicate creamy consistency and rich taste, so the product has long been used in dishes of Asian, Mediterranean and South American cuisine. The recommended shelf life of the product is 16 months.

Calorie Black Eye Beans

The calorie content of Black Eye beans is 340 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of black eye beans

Black Eye beans are a supplier of high-quality vegetable protein, which is an alternative to animal proteins and can serve as the basis of the diet of vegetarians and those who for one reason or another do not consume meat and dairy products.

Black Eye Beans in Cooking

A distinctive feature of Black Eye beans is the speed of cooking. Having previously soaked the Black Eye beans in cold water for an hour or two, you need to cook it for only 15 minutes, without soaking - 30 minutes. Black Eye beans perfectly hold their shape, therefore they are suitable for use in salads and side dishes, they will also add texture to soups and complex snacks.

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