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Calories, kcal: 32 Proteins, g: 1.0 Fats, g: 1.0 Carbohydrates, g: 3.9

Physalis is a perennial herb up to 1 m high with a lignified stem at the base, the largest plant of the Solanaceae family.

A distinctive feature of all types of physalis is the fruit-berry, enclosed in a sheath, similar to a Chinese paper lantern. This little sheath is formed by accrete sepals, which grow much faster than the fruit; when fully ripe, its color changes. Physalis flowers are yellow, orange, less often white, sometimes lilac (calorizator). The fruit is a fleshy berry of yellow-green or yellow-orange color, similar to a tomato, tastes from very pleasant to burning-bitter.

Among the many forms and types of physalis, there are two of its edible forms - vegetable and strawberry.

Fruits that grow wild in central Russia are not suitable for human consumption due to the rather high content of toxic substances.

Caloric content of physalis

The calorie content of physalis is 32 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Useful properties of physalis

Physalis fruits have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, analgesic, diuretic, choleretic effect. Fresh fruits and juice from them are used for diseases of the respiratory tract, hypertension, dermatoses, dysentery (calorizer). Water infusion or decoction of fruits is used for cystitis, urolithiasis, hepatitis, bronchitis, edema, ascites, gout, rheumatism, bruises.

A decoction of the roots is used as an antitussive, pain reliever. Tea made from dried leaves and cups of physalis is useful for hypertension.

Physalis application

Edible varieties of physalis have found use in both culinary and medicine. Jam is made from the fruits, fillings for pies, candied fruits are made, sauces, marinades, pickles are prepared, and berry varieties with a high solids content and sugar content are dried for raisins, which almost does not differ from the real one. Physalis juice is added to meat and fish as a seasoning. The boiled physalis fruit makes an excellent decoration for cakes.

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