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Calories, kcal: 274 Protein, g: 2.5 Fat, g: 0.5 Carbohydrates, g: 69.2

Dates are the fruits of the date palm, a tall tree of the Palma family. Fresh dates are dark red oblong berries with dense juicy pulp and an elongated dicotyledonous stone. Dates are common in the tropics and subtropics, the most famous are the fruits grown in Iran and Southeast Asia (calorizator). Everyone is accustomed to dried dates, which shrink slightly, change color to chocolate and taste very sweet, with a characteristic aroma. Dates are one of the most affordable and healthy types of dried fruits.

Calorie content of dates

The calorie content of dates is 274 kcal per 100 grams of product, the weight of one date is on average 8-9 grams, the calorie content of each berry is 23 kcal.

Composition and useful properties of dates

Dates are not in vain considered useful, they contain almost all the elements of the D.I. Mendeleev: calcium, zinc, selenium, copper and manganese, iron, chlorine and sulfur, iodine, chromium, fluorine, molybdenum, boron and vanadium, tin and titanium, silicon, cobalt, nickel and aluminum, phosphorus and sodium. By the content of potassium and magnesium, dates are ahead of all known dried fruits, the use of 8-10 dates daily reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes at times. Amazing fruits are rich in vitamins, they contain: vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, H and PP, thanks to which dates strengthen the immune system, stimulate brain activity, improve digestive processes, have a beneficial effect on male potency and contribute cleansing the body of toxins and toxins.Dates reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol and have a unique property - they strengthen the muscles of the uterus, thereby contributing to the improvement of labor, and after childbirth, they will help the uterus to recover faster, without causing allergies in a breastfed baby.

Composition and useful properties of dates
Composition and useful properties of dates

Dates harm

Dates in large quantities are not recommended for people with diabetes mellitus, because the fruits contain a large amount of natural sugars. Due to the high protein content, dates should be used with caution by those who have chronic gastrointestinal diseases (ulcers, gastritis), especially in the acute stage.

History of dates

Dates are considered one of the first edible fruits cultivated by mankind. In the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, images of date palms were found with noticeable long leaves. Mentions of dates are found in the texts of the Koran and the Bible, drawings of the fruits themselves and palms on which dates grow in bunches decorate many ancient manuscripts. It is believed that having dates and water, a person will not only not die of hunger, but also live for several years without other food.

Types of dates

In countries where date cultivation is an industry, several degrees of fruit ripeness differ:

Character - milky degree of maturity, characterized by the hardness and dryness of the fruit;

  • Rotab - full ripeness, dates are soft, tender and very sweet;
  • Tamar is the last stage of maturity of dates, characterized by a thick honey consistency.

In total, there are more than 400 varieties of dates, the most popular of which are Diri, Piyar, Mazafati, Kabkab, Sayer, Rabi, Zahedi, Hasui, Gantar. Dates vary in size, shell dryness and flesh texture. Usually, the dates are covered with a whitish bloom on top, an even layer of which is considered a sign of freshness and high quality of the fruit.

Dates and weight loss

We can seriously say that dates contribute to weight loss only if there is nothing else besides them and water. Dates have a high calorie content, therefore, including them in the diet during a diet or fasting days, you should limit yourself to 8-10 pieces, enjoying excellent taste and using dates as a meal, and not as a dessert after dinner.

Dates and weight loss
Dates and weight loss

How to choose dates

The best choice is to buy dates in a neat package, where, in addition to a cardboard box (which allows the product to breathe), the dates are laid with thin paper that does not allow the escaping nectar to mix with other fruits. When choosing dates, pay attention to the dryness and intactness of the shell; do not buy wrinkled and stuck together dates. Packaged fruits do not need to be washed, but those purchased in bulk should be rinsed under running water.

Growing dates

Dates can be grown at home from a stone, and some immediately stick the stone into a pot of soil, while others germinate the seeds in wet gauze or cotton wool in advance, and only then transplant them into the ground. In flower shops, there are finger and Canarian dates, as well as Robelini. All domestic date palms grow well, do not require special care, they love light.

Dates in cooking

Dates are used as a separate delicacy, added to baked goods and desserts, and rhyme with ice cream. Known to lovers of Asian cuisine, tamarind paste, which gives soups and meat dishes a unique sourness, is made from tamarind, which are dates in essence.

You can learn more about dates and their useful properties from the video clip of the TV show "About the Most Important", starting at 12 minutes 40 seconds.

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