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Multigrain Bourget Bread
Multigrain Bourget Bread

Multigrain Bourget bread

Multigrain Bourget bread
Multigrain Bourget bread

Calories, kcal: 225 Protein, g: 7.6 Fat, g: 2.6 Carbohydrates, g: 41.6

Multigrain Bourget bread contains a large amount of grains and seeds, it is prepared using a brew that gives the bread a special taste and aroma.

Calorie content of multigrain Bourget bread

The calorie content of multigrain Bourget bread is 225 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition of multigrain Bourget bread

Ingredients: water, wheat flour of the highest grade, peeled rye flour, grain mixture (crushed corn, oat kernels, malt flour, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, wheat gluten, wheat flour, sesame seeds, edible salt), rolled wheat grain, malt extract, baker's yeast, granulated sugar, table salt, coriander.

Useful properties of multigrain Bourget bread

Multigrain Bourget bread contains whole grain grains, so the vitamins and trace elements present in the seeds are preserved. Multigrain bread has many vitamins: B, E, H and PP groups. Bourget bread is also enriched with chemical elements: potassium, sodium, molybdenum, phosphorus, iodine, iron and calcium, which is why it is so useful.

Grains contain vitamins, microelements and many other important biological active elements, therefore, bread is a product necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

The main quality of Bourget bread is the presence of dietary fiber, which has a good effect on digestion. Fiber improves the condition of the intestinal microflora, removing cholesterol, binding intestinal bile acids, which have atherogenic activity (calorizator). Therefore, the consumption of multi-grain bread lowers the level of development of atherosclerosis, and fiber is good for starch metabolic processes, which lowers the glycemic index.

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