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Gagarinsky Bread
Gagarinsky Bread

Gagarinsky bread

Gagarinsky bread
Gagarinsky bread

Calories, kcal: 242 Proteins, g: 7.5 Fats, g: 1.0 Carbohydrates, g: 50.0

Gagarinsky molded sliced ​​bread is a product of the Engelsky bread plant. In its shape and crumb texture, it is similar to the toast bread, which is so loved by many. With one, but quite significant difference - toast bread is usually baked from premium wheat flour, while Gagarinsky is made on the basis of first grade flour and peeled rye flour. Due to this, the crumb has a fine spongy structure and a light brown color. This bread is sold in a plastic bag with fine perforations, cut into even slices for ease of use. Suitable for toasting and any savory sandwiches.

Calorie content of Gagarinsky molded sliced ​​bread

The calorie content of Gagarinsky's molded sliced ​​bread is 242 kcal per 100 grams.

The composition of Gagarinsky's tin bread

Gagarinsky's molded sliced ​​bread contains the following ingredients: bakery wheat flour of the first grade, drinking water, peeled rye bakery flour, baker's yeast, sugar, salt, dry food mix "Rogenkolor" (peeled rye flour, malted wheat flour), complex food additive "Ibis", baking improver (malt barley flour, wheat flour, antioxidant E330).

The benefits and harms of Gagarinsky bread

There is a heated debate about the benefits and dangers of bread in the world of dietetics. In general, the composition of Gagarinsky's bread does not cause concern, but it contains yeast and sugar, and many are trying to refuse these products. However, it is very nourishing and contains fiber and B vitamins (calorifier). From a couple of pieces eaten for breakfast or lunch - there will be no harm to your figure or health.

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