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Rice Crispbread
Rice Crispbread

Rice crispbread

Rice crispbread
Rice crispbread

Calories, kcal: 310 Proteins, g: 6.0 Fats, g: 1.0 Carbohydrates, g: 69.0

A variety of cereal and cereal crispbreads are a substitute for the usual bread. Rice crispbread is made from parboiled rice using the "popcorn" method, when the liquid explodes the grain from the inside under the influence of high temperatures and pressure. Rice crispbreads of light beige color with gray blotches, heterogeneous structure with pronounced "airy" grains of irregular shape. Rice crispbread has a neutral rice flavor with a light baked bread aroma, they are dry and crunchy. Rice cakes are packed in a special cling film, a closed pack can be stored in a cool and dry place from 9 to 12 months.

Calorie content of rice cakes

The calorie content of rice cakes is 310 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of rice cakes

The product contains: steamed rice groats, rice groats of the first grade, vitamin-mineral mixture "Kolosok-1" (B1, B2, B6, PP, iron, folic acid). The product is made without the use of salt, GMOs and gluten. Rice bread is considered a dietary product, it contains coarse indigestible dietary fiber, which helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body. Rice flakes have a beneficial effect on intestinal motility, normalize metabolism and provide complex carbohydrates that saturate and replenish energy stores for a long time (calorizator). The product is an ideal addition to food on fasting days and during a diet.

Harm to rice loaves

Excessive consumption of rice cakes can cause malfunction of the digestive tract - upset stomach or constipation.

Rice crisps in cooking

Rice cakes are a completely ready-to-eat product. Due to the absence of salt and sugar, the crispbread can be combined with any food of your choice. Rice cakes will become the basis of sandwiches with cheese and herbs, sausages and meat products, pates, cottage cheese, lettuce and fresh vegetables. Bread can be spread with jam, jam or marmalade, add a cup of tea or a glass of milk - a healthy afternoon snack or a quick snack is ready. Rice cakes are a great option for travel, hiking, and workdays.

For more information about crispbreads, see the video clip “Breads: the secrets of birth. You can eat! " TV programs "Channel Five Russia".

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