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Samolyub Wheat Crispbread
Samolyub Wheat Crispbread

Samolyub wheat crispbread

Samolyub wheat crispbread
Samolyub wheat crispbread

Calories, kcal: 238 Proteins, g: 7.6 Fats, g: 0.7 Carbohydrates, g: 51.2

Breads TM Samolyub are yeast-free bread made on the basis of premium flour. According to the manufacturer, this is a high-quality product without preservatives, dyes and other chemicals, which has practically no shelf life. Samolyub breads in appearance resemble thin yeast-free lavash, have a neutral, slightly salty taste. An excellent bread replacement for those on a diet. On store shelves, these crispbreads are sold in a soft transparent polyethylene shell with a branded label. The product can be clearly seen through the packaging. The crispbreads are cut into thin long strips - this shape is very convenient for sandwiches and snacks.

Calorie content of Samolyub wheat loaves

The calorie content of Samolyub wheat bread is 238 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition of Samolyub wheat bread

The Samolyub wheat bread contains the following ingredients: baking wheat flour of the highest grade, drinking water, table salt.

The benefits and harms of Samolyub wheat bread

Samolyub wheat bread contains only natural ingredients and nothing more. Plus, they are yeast-free and will delight those looking to eliminate them in their diets. Khlebtsy TM Samolyub can be safely called a healthy snack, they suit everyone. The only exception will be people with gluten intolerance.

Wheat bread in cooking

The neutral taste of the bread gives it a very wide range of uses in cooking (calorizator). They are suitable for making sweet and salty sandwiches, they can be served with first courses, as well as used as an independent snack.

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