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Generous Thin Rye Crispbreads
Generous Thin Rye Crispbreads

Generous thin rye crispbreads

Generous thin rye crispbreads
Generous thin rye crispbreads

Calories, kcal: 320 Protein, g: 11.0 Fat, g: 2.5 Carbohydrates, g: 64.0

Generous rye thin crispbreads are yeast crispbreads made from peeled rye flour and wheat bran. They contain 15.7% fiber and are perfect for a low-calorie snack. You can take them with you or make sandwiches at home. They taste as close as possible to the taste of rye bread, have a spongy structure, crispy and brittle.

Calorie content of Generous thin rye crispbread

The calorie content of Generous rye bread is 320 kcal per 100 g.

Composition of Generous rye loaves

The composition of thin rye breads Generous is as follows: peeled rye flour, drinking water, wheat bran, salt, baker's yeast, rye malt, soy lecithin emulsifier.

The benefits and harms of thin rye loaves

TM Generous thin rye crispbreads are made from natural ingredients and can be safely included in your diet without fear. Nutritionists recommend choosing breads with a high fiber content in stores, they are the most useful for our body. Generous rye crispbread contains fiber, which means that they will give you a feeling of fullness for a long time and will not spoil your figure. They contain a large amount of vitamins A, B, and E. The only thing worth paying attention to is that there is sugar and yeast in the composition, if you decide to refuse them, then such breads are not suitable for you.

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