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Video: Flakes Agro-Alliance 4 Cereals
Flakes Agro-Alliance 4 Cereals
Flakes Agro-Alliance 4 Cereals

Flakes Agro-Alliance 4 cereals

Flakes Agro-Alliance 4 cereals
Flakes Agro-Alliance 4 cereals

Calories, kcal: 390 Protein, g: 12.0 Fat, g: 3.0 Carbohydrates, g: 73.0

Mixes of cereal flakes are designed to diversify the diet of people of all ages and health conditions, because such products are suitable for both children's and dietary, as well as a regular or lean table. The Agro-Alliance holding's "Flakes" line has been replenished with a mixture called Flakes 4 cereals, which includes the main types of useful cereals. Agro-Alliance 4 cereal flakes do not require boiling, cereal grains have been previously steamed and flattened, therefore the product belongs to the "Instant" category. The mixture has a pleasant, slightly nutty aroma, ready meals are distinguished by excellent taste and delicate texture. The manufacturer's recommended shelf life is 9 months.

Calorie content of 4 cereal flakes

The calorie content of 4 cereal flakes is 390 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of 4 cereal flakes

The product is made from a mixture of oat, wheat, rye and barley flakes. The presence of fiber and dietary fiber of natural origin guarantees the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism, helps to eliminate unnecessary toxins and toxins. The product contains complex carbohydrates that provide the body with energy for a long time.

4 cereal flakes in cooking

The traditional use of a 4-grain cereal mixture is to make porridge. To do this, it is enough to pour the flakes into a boiling liquid (milk, water) in a ratio of 1 part of flakes to 2 parts of liquid. Stir, cook for 3 minutes. Salt and sugar to taste. If desired, you can add butter, fruit, jam, honey to the finished porridge. You can immediately cook porridge in plates or bowls, in portions. Such a dish will be an excellent breakfast or afternoon snack, the product is convenient to use at work, on business trips, hiking or in the country. Flakes of 4 cereals will become an unusual breading for fish or nuggets, they are added to dough for baking, minced meat for cutlets or casseroles.

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