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Video: Horenso no Gomaae - Sesame Spinach Salad - Cooking Japanese 2023, January
Horenso Syake
Horenso Syake

Horenso syake

Horenso syake
Horenso syake

Calories, kcal: 154 Proteins, g: 26.6 Fats, g: 8.1 Carbohydrates, g: 3.8

Weight: 150 gr.

Fried salmon steak with crispy spinach, garlic and Yuzu citrus sauce.

Calorie content of Horenso syake

The calorie content of Horenso syake is 154 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of Horenso syake

Horenso syake contains many nutrients and vitamins. B vitamins improve the health of hair and skin, vitamin PP helps to cope with insomnia and frequent migraines (calorifier). The amount of zinc in the product, which reaches 40% of the daily value, helps to lower cholesterol and accelerates wound healing.

The use of Khorenso syake gives strength and vigor to the entire body, helps to maintain health in the norm, as well as the entire nervous system.

Harm to Horenso syake

Excessive use of Khorenso syake negatively affects the liver and kidneys, and reduces immunity.

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