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Instant Chicory Liquid Health
Instant Chicory Liquid Health

Instant chicory liquid Health

Instant chicory liquid Health
Instant chicory liquid Health

Calories, kcal: 290 Proteins, g: 8.9 Fats, g: 0.1 Carbohydrates, g: 63.3

Chicory is a fairly popular and healthy drink, especially those who do not consume caffeine and do not drink coffee and teas. Now this healthy drink can be tasted not only in the form of freeze-dried powder, but also in the form of a liquid extract. Liquid chicory is an excellent source of soluble dietary fiber, including inulin. It serves as an indispensable drink for anyone seeking to lead a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Liquid chicory TM Zdorov'e is sold in a glass jar with a screw cap. Keep chicory tightly closed, do not expose to direct sunlight and has excellent taste and all the benefits of the drink will last for a long time.

Calorie content of natural liquid instant chicory Health

The calorie content of liquid soluble natural chicory Health is 290 kcal per 100 grams.

Composition of chicory liquid instant Health

In the composition of soluble liquid chicory Health only liquid extract of fried chicory.

The Benefits And Harms Of Chicory Natural Liquid Soluble Health

Soluble chicory contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals: it contains vitamins B6, PP, E and C, as well as iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium. Such a rich chemical composition determines the beneficial properties of the drink. Chicory helps to normalize blood pressure, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and digestion.

Chicory natural instant liquid Health in cooking

Concentrated liquid chicory TM Zdorov'e was created in order to prepare a wonderful aromatic drink based on water or milk. To do this, one to five teaspoons must be dissolved in hot or cold liquid. The dosage of the concentrate directly depends on what strength drink you prefer (calorizer). Concentrated chicory is also suitable for flavoring baked goods and giving them a chocolate shade. On its basis, you can prepare creams for cakes, mousses and jellies.

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