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Candied Watermelon Peels
Candied Watermelon Peels

Candied watermelon peels

Candied watermelon peels
Candied watermelon peels

Calories, kcal: 209 Protein, g: 2.5 Fat, g: 0.0 Carbohydrates, g: 51.0

In our latitudes, for many, the month of September is a dull time, since summer is over, and cold weather will soon come. However, it is in this month that healthy, ripe and juicy watermelons that are loved by many people appear on sale.

Calorie content of candied fruits from watermelon peels

The calorie content of candied fruits from watermelon peels is 209 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Benefits of candied fruits from watermelon peels

Watermelons have wonderful gastronomic qualities that are appreciated all over the world, namely, they are sweet, juicy, quickly quench thirst and have a low calorie content.

Candied fruits contain a large amount of vitamins and elements that have not been lost due to conservation (loss of moisture). Among the useful substances in candied watermelon you can find organic acids, fructose, vitamins of group B, C, PP. Among the micro and macro elements: iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and others, which help to normalize metabolism.

Candied watermelon peels in cooking

For culinary purposes, you can use not only the pulp of the watermelon, but also its rind. Fresh watermelon rinds are not particularly edible, but many housewives know how to make delicious jam and candied fruits from them.

The recipe for making candied fruits from watermelon peels is simple, but it takes a lot of time. Despite this fact, it is worth making this delicacy at least once, since natural candied fruits are stored for a long time and are a delicious independent dessert, and they can also be added to sweet dishes and pastries.

To prepare delicious candied fruits from watermelon peels, it is advisable to take a thick-skinned watermelon, which must be washed well and wiped dry. Candied fruits are made from light-green watermelon rinds, from which the pink pulp and the top green layer are cut. The peel, peeled from excess, is cut into strips or cubes, then soaked in water with the addition of soda, in order to preserve the appearance and elasticity of the pieces during the cooking process. Then, the soaked crusts must be rinsed well in water and the remaining soda must be removed.

At the next stage, the watermelon peels are dipped in hot saturated sugar syrup, infused in it for 30 minutes, then boiled for about 10 minutes and, after turning off the fire, they are again infused for half a day. The above steps must be repeated until the sugar syrup stops flowing. After the syrup thickens, vanillin and citric acid must be added to it to taste. At the last stage of cooking, it is necessary to drain all the syrup, and dry the obtained candied fruits from the watermelon peels well in a warm oven, stirring occasionally to ensure uniform evaporation of moisture.

For a more sophisticated dessert, candied peels from watermelon peels can be poured over with chocolate or sprinkled with sugar and coconut - then we get real healthy sweets. It is necessary to store candied peels from watermelon peels in sealed glass containers.

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