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Video: What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Black Tea Every Day 2023, February
Black Tea Without Sugar
Black Tea Without Sugar

Black tea without sugar

Black tea without sugar
Black tea without sugar

Calories, kcal: 0 Proteins, g: 0.1 Fats, g: 0.0 Carbohydrates, g: 0.0

Black tea is considered one of the most widespread soft drinks in the world. Black tea is made from tea leaves that have undergone a full fermentation cycle, has a rich aroma and bright taste, the color of black tea depends on the variety - from bright orange to deep brown.

Ancient China is considered the birthplace of black tea, where the drink was treated with great reverence and awe already 4 thousand years ago. Black tea without sugar is served at friendly gatherings and official receptions of the highest level.

Calorie content of black tea without sugar

The calorie content of black tea without sugar is 0 kcal per 100 ml of drink.

Composition and useful properties of black tea without sugar

Black tea contains caffeine, and according to some studies, more than coffee. Caffeine tends to block antidiuretic hormone, which means it helps urinate more frequently and flush the bladder. The drink contains catechins - antioxidants and anti-cancer substances. The antiseptic properties of black tea have been known for a long time; the product is especially effective against infections in the oral cavity (calorizator). The polysaccharides in black tea have been shown to inhibit the development of type II diabetes.

The benefits of black tea
The benefits of black tea

The harm of black tea without sugar

In rare cases, there is an individual intolerance to the drink, a strong infusion of black tea should be taken with caution by those who have been diagnosed with increased eye pressure. In the heat, drinking a cup of black tea, you need to make up for the loss of fluid by drinking a glass of clean water.

Black tea without sugar in cooking

Black tea is the basis for many drinks. The traditional serving of tea with milk does not have any beneficial properties, since milk blocks the action of catechins. Honey added to hot black tea loses its beneficial properties and turns into empty carbohydrate. Brewing tea is a magical process that requires high-quality black leaf tea, clean drinking water, prepared brewing utensils (kettle or siphon) and a few minutes of your precious time. Black tea without sugar is consumed at any time of the day - for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, as an independent meal or as an exquisite ritual. Sweet desserts, dried fruits, preserves, jams, lemon, ginger are perfect for the drink.

For more information on black tea, see the video Black Tea. Cheerfulness in a Cup "of the TV program" Living Healthy ".

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