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Video: Ground Bird Cherry

Video: Ground Bird Cherry
Video: Простой ЧЕРЁМУХОВЫЙ бисквит. /Simple Bird cherry biscuit. 2023, June
Ground Bird Cherry
Ground Bird Cherry

Ground bird cherry

Ground bird cherry
Ground bird cherry

Calories, kcal: 101 Proteins, g: 8.4 Fats, g: 0.0 Carbohydrates, g: 16.8

The bird cherry was and remains the favorite of everyone, without exception, the flowering of the bird cherry means the final and irrevocable arrival of spring.

The fruits of bird cherry are undeservedly forgotten, but they have a pleasant sweet and sour taste, they are a little knit and can be used not only fresh.

In the Urals and among the northern peoples, bird cherry flour was very common, from which various types of dough were prepared. Previously, ground bird cherry could be bought only on the market and in a pharmacy, now the food industry offers us several types of ground bird cherry.

Calorie content of ground bird cherry

The calorie content of ground bird cherry is 101 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition of ground bird cherry

The chemical composition of ground bird cherry includes: malic acid, citric acid, beta-carotene, rutin, vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C, E and PP, as well as useful minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper and manganese, iron, iodine, chromium, molybdenum, boron, silicon, cobalt, nickel and aluminum, phosphorus and sodium.

Useful properties of ground bird cherry

White clusters with a bitter aroma are not only a decoration for gardens and streets, but also an excellent antioxidant, because bird cherry flowers contain phytoncides.

Ground bird cherry is an absolutely pure ecological product and is an excellent source of vitamins and a number of biologically active compounds.

Contraindications for ground bird cherry

Ground bird cherry is contraindicated for pregnant women wishing to become pregnant, and lactating women, small children, with individual intolerance.

Ground bird cherry in cooking

You can cook ground bird cherry yourself if a large bush of beautiful bird cherry grows nearby. To do this, the berries are harvested after ripening, in August-September, washed and laid out to dry in the sun or in the oven (calorizer). The temperature in the oven should not exceed 45-50 degrees, otherwise the bird cherry will burn out and will taste bitter. In appearance, dry berries should resemble black peppercorns, dark and with a wrinkled shell. You can grind bird cherry in a mortar, blender or using a meat grinder.

An excellent cake is obtained from ground bird cherry; it is added, after mixing it with wheat or barley flour, for baking pastry, muffins, bread. Pancakes and pancakes, to which ground bird cherry is added, acquire an unusual, nutty flavor and blueberry flavor.

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