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Nori Chips
Nori Chips

Nori chips

Nori chips
Nori chips

Calories, kcal: 476 Proteins, g: 24.9 Fats, g: 23.8 Carbohydrates, g: 47.6

In Asia, nori chips are a popular snack, but today they are popular in other countries. They are made from seaweed asakusa - nori, belonging to the genus Porphyra, pressed and dried.

Nori chips are dark brown in color, very thin, can be compared to a piece of paper. The color of the chips can be used to judge the quality of the product. For example, red nori are much inferior to shiny dark chips (calorizator). Dried nori seaweed will be deep black and green if fried.

To make nori chips, the seaweed is first dried in the sun and laid out on wooden or bamboo frames. Natural nori chips have a smoky flavor and aroma with an “oceanic” flavor.

Calorie content of nori chips

The calorie content of nori chips is 476 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Nori chips composition

Nori chips contain minerals, vitamins, and protein. Nori chips are rich in active biological compounds: polyunsaturated fatty acids, chlorophyll derivatives, fucoidans, polysaccharides and others.

Useful properties of nori chips

Spicy nori chips remove toxins from the body, improve digestion, increase appetite, and normalize blood pressure.

Nori chips in cooking

On the shelves of our stores you can find nori chips packed in sealed bags and laid out in containers with a lid. The main advantage of nori chips is their long-term storage.

Nori chips can contain various spices, sugar, soy sauce, aromatic additives. To taste, chips can be mushroom, tomato, spicy, original, with sesame seeds, green tea, wasabi.

Previously, only dried nori plates were produced in Japan, and they had to be pre-fried (calorizer) before eating. Nori chips are now produced and sold ready-to-eat. They can be either a standalone snack or added to various dishes.


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