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Chips Corners Whole Grain Tender Cheese
Chips Corners Whole Grain Tender Cheese

Chips Corners whole grain Tender cheese

Chips Corners whole grain Tender cheese
Chips Corners whole grain Tender cheese

Calories, kcal: 360 Protein, g: 7.0 Fat, g: 10.0 Carbohydrates, g: 60.0

Dr.Körner - one of the leaders in the healthy food market - has released whole grain crisps (corners). These healthy snacks are a healthy alternative to potato or other vegetable chips. Thin, crunchy corners are made from whole grains with natural spices and, most importantly, they are not fried in oil.

The line has several vibrant flavors, including delicate cheese, tomato and basil, olive oil and rosemary. The entire line of corners carries the gluten-free label. Whole Grain Chips with Delicate Cheese is a classic flavor.

Calorie content of Dr.Körner whole grain corn-rice corners with cheese

The calorie content of Dr.Körner Whole Grain Corn-Rice Chips with Cheese is 360 kcal per 100 grams of product. The pack contains 50 grams.

Ingredients of Dr. Körner Whole Grain Rice and Corn Chips with Cheese

Ingredients: corn grits, rice groats, high oleic sunflower oil, natural cheese seasoning (salt, cheese powder (processed cheese, emulsifying salt, milk fat); dextrose, maltodextrin, whey powder, lactose, corn starch, natural flavorings (yeast extract, flavors, natural, flavoring substances); acidity regulator: citric acid, paprika, turmeric), rosemary extract.

Type and structure of whole grain corn-rice chips with Dr. Körner cheese
Type and structure of whole grain corn-rice chips with Dr. Körner cheese

Benefits and harms of Dr. Körner corn and rice chips with cheese

The product does not contain GMOs. The composition does not contain harmful food E-additives. Dr.Körner chips are ideal as a healthy snack, as a snack for watching a football game or a good movie with friends.

If you are used to eating lightly salted food, then the corners may seem overly salty to you. People who have already tried these chips report a lack of thirst after consuming them and a moderately salty taste. They taste like a mixture of potato chips (due to spices) and popcorn (due to their structure).

Dr.Körner corn-rice corners with cheese in cooking

The crisps themselves are made in the form of pressed chips of yellow color, reminiscent of ordinary potato chips. When you open the pack, you can feel the delicate aroma of cheese, as indicated on the package. Corners are crispy, dense and very thin in texture. It can be used as a snack, it can be used to decorate the "Sunflower" salad, and also used as a snack for cheese salad.

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