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Dried Sage
Dried Sage

Dried sage

Dried sage
Dried sage

Calories, kcal: 315 Protein, g: 10.6 Fat, g: 12.8 Carbohydrates, g: 20.4

A plant like sage is a kind of symbol of aroma, beauty and incredible health benefits. In our area, sage is mainly a medicinal plant, but in many other countries it is also an excellent spice.

Calorie content of dried sage

The calorie content of dried sage is 315 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition and useful properties of dried sage

As a rule, sage leaves are used for pharmacological purposes. It contains vitamins P and PP, organic acids, bitterness.

The benefits of sage have been known for years. Dried sage is an excellent anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and astringent, blood-restoring and diuretic. Sage has a positive effect on healing stomach ulcers and gallbladder inflammation. And to strengthen the child's body, sage is added to tea with honey (calorizer). In the female body, sage includes phytohormones that have anti-aging effects.

Also, this medicinal herb is used to treat the nervous system, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys. In addition, as you know, sage is a plant against microbes and inflammation, so a decoction of this herb is used in case of loss of voice, with sore throat. The herb is able to relieve inflammation, enhance the renewal of tissues that have been affected. It activates the production of phlegm and is able to reduce the temperature. If you use the herb systematically, then memory will improve, brain activity is activated.

Raw materials and seasonings

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