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Dried Champignons
Dried Champignons

Dried champignons

Dried champignons
Dried champignons

Calories, kcal: 261 Protein, g: 26.8 Fat, g: 4.5 Carbohydrates, g: 30.0

Champignons are lamellar mushrooms, very common in our country. It is not difficult to buy them fresh at any time of the year. But in the season when the harvest of mushrooms is large, they are often harvested for future use. And one of the most common harvesting methods is drying. Champignons dry well both in the oven and in the dehydrator. On an industrial scale, mushrooms are dried in special equipment, packaged and sold whole or sliced. Or they grind and make a seasoning powder on their basis. Which is then used in sauces, first and second courses.

Calorie content of dried champignons

The calorie content of dried champignons is 261 kcal per 100 grams of food.

Dried champignons composition

The chemical composition of dried mushrooms is rich in nutrients. Dried champignons contain 18 amino acids, many of which are essential. Vitamins: B1, B2, C, D and H, as well as trace elements: potassium, sodium, phosphorus.

The benefits and harms of dried champignons

The benefits of dried champignons are the same as those of fresh ones. Dried champignons are an excellent source of vegetable protein, they help regulate the level of "bad cholesterol" in the blood, and according to some reports, the amount of phosphorus and calcium in them is about the same as in fish.

Dried champignons in cooking

If you decide to cook a dish from dried mushrooms, then you will need to soak them before cooking. To do this, it is enough to fill them with plenty of water and leave to swell for several hours. Mushrooms will swell faster in warm water. Otherwise, the use of dried champignons in cooking is no different from fresh ones.


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