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Calories, kcal: 270 Protein, g: 5.9 Fat, g: 9.1 Carbohydrates, g: 41.9

Shangi, or shanezhki, are open pies, or round cakes, with a lot of filling on top. This old Russian dish, as a rule, shangi was baked from rye, rye-wheat, and then only from wheat flour, the recipe necessarily included pork or lamb fat, the filling was made from crushed peas, any porridge, potatoes.

Shangi looks a bit like cheesecakes, but the main difference between these types of pastries is that shangi are always unsweetened, the only exception is shangi with cloudberries, which are baked in some Ural regions of our country.

The filling for the shanegs is always made thick, a lot of it is put, practically on the entire volume of the rolled flat cake, leaving a little empty dough at the edges (calorizer). If shangi is prepared from unleavened rye dough, then the edges are slightly split, in yeast shangi this is not required, since the dough, rising, does not allow the filling to fall.

Calorie content of Shangi

The calorie content of Shangi is 270 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition and useful properties of Shangi

The chemical composition will differ depending on the fillings, so we only use the dough. It includes: choline, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, A, E and PP, as well as minerals necessary for the human body: potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper and manganese, iron, phosphorus and sodium …

Shangi fillings

You can come up with a great variety of filling options, these are cereals - rice, millet and buckwheat, you can add a boiled egg or mushrooms to them, shangi with potatoes are very good, onions and mushrooms are suitable for them, you can cook shangi with cottage cheese, or mix cottage cheese and potatoes (calorizator). A fairly common option is shangi without filling, homemade shangi.

Shangi are quite satisfying, so they can be served with a glass of milk or tea as an afternoon snack, and with a portion of shangi soup they will make up a full-fledged lunch that will not harm the figure, but will charge you with vigor and good mood. And of course, without a doubt, the most amazing shangs are made in the Russian oven.

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