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Shiitake Fresh
Shiitake Fresh

Shiitake fresh

Shiitake fresh
Shiitake fresh

Calories, kcal: 34 Proteins, g: 2.2 Fats, g: 0.5 Carbohydrates, g: 6.8

Shiitake or black mushroom was originally cultivated in China and Japan. Today this mushroom is grown and sold in many countries, including Russia. These are mushrooms that grow on the shii tree. They have an unusually exquisite taste and aroma, which is a cross between the taste of porcini mushrooms and champignons.

The shape of the cap of these mushrooms is umbrella-shaped (reminiscent of a champignon). Coloring from creamy brown to dark brown, with a smooth surface, or covered with scales.

Shiitake is widely used in medicine, cosmetology and cooking.

Shiitake is usually sold dried and soaked just before consumption (calorizator). But many people prefer to eat such mushrooms exclusively fresh, since their taste changes during the drying process. Most often, only mushroom caps are used for cooking (shiitake legs are much tougher than caps).

Calorie content of fresh Shiitake

The calorie content of fresh Shiitake is 34 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Useful properties and harm of fresh Shiitake

According to research results, their use lowers blood cholesterol levels. For diabetics, this mushroom is important for its ability to lower sugar levels and improve insulin production. Shiitake is also important for vegetarians as it contains vitamin D.

According to Chinese doctors, these mushrooms help with respiratory diseases, stimulate blood circulation, cleanse the liver, eliminate weakness and fatigue, and slow down aging.

Fresh shiitake should be consumed in small amounts (160-200 grams per day), as they can cause allergies.

Fresh Shiitake in cooking

They are added to soups, sauces. Shiitake extract is used even in the preparation of cakes, sweets and drinks (calorizer). Shiitake can be eaten raw for maximum benefit, but not everyone tastes. The easiest way to prepare fresh shiitake is to fry it in oil with salt and garlic. It is recommended to serve them with rice, fish, chicken, pasta or vegetables.

You can also boil shiitake in a small amount of salted water (literally 3-4 minutes after boiling). Cooking fresh shiitake mushrooms should not take long, otherwise you get a rubbery substance without taste and aroma.


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